What's In My Bag?

When I first fully ventured into photography in 2007, I was interested in learning what equipment other creatives were using to help create their photographs. Since then, I am frequently asked what are some of my favorite cameras, lens, and tools, so here is it!


  • Canon 5D Mark IV - Primary camera

  • Canon 5D Mark III - Backup camera


  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II  - this is my current versatile, go-to lense, but my preferences change throughout the year.

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L

  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II 



  • Westcott Icelight 2 - provides a soft, beautiful, and controlled light source when needed.

  • Godox AD200 w/ modifiers

  • Canon speedlights

I utilize the gorgeous, natural light in my Longmont studio, but I do use various lighting setups, and techniques when I want to create different stylized imagery.


  • Kelly Moore Libby Bag - favorite for everyday to/from studio, very stylish!

  • Hex Calibre Backpack - favorite for destination/air travel—this nifty bag fits everything I need and also acts as a carry-on if traveling.

  • Shootsac - favorite shoulder lens bag for on-location sessions—this soft and bendable bag keeps everything in reach while shooting.

Camera straps:

  • Spider Pro camera hand strap + holster: favorite strap while I’m working in the studio.

  • Holdfast Money Maker: favorite strap on-location outdoors.

A few other things you'll find in my bag: camera batteries, sd memory cards + holder , Mefoto travel tripod, reflector, eneloop batteries, laptop, gum, pocket fold-up flats, instax, notepad and creative shoot-through items (prizm, lace, etc).


Miss " L " New body celebration with light & shadows | Longmont CO Beauty & Boudoir Photography


This was something I’ve always been intrigued by and never felt confident enough to try. I wanted to celebrate my body after a recent weight loss, so I decided to look into it. The Beauty & Boudoir Studio was showered with so many lovely reviews, I felt very comfortable choosing the studio.


I was SO nervous. I was concerned that I wouldn't know what to do and none of my pictures would turn out. I was worried about my facial expressions and extra skin from weight loss. I think I worried that my flaws would look like a spotlight was shone on them, but after seeing a few of the images throughout the session, I realized I could trust the artist. :)


I showed up feeling frazzled and NERVOUS. Lanett is so warm and bubbly—and complimentary. I was quickly comforted by her presence. It seems she can read what you need so well. We talked through my wardrobe and made a rough plan of attack. She put on some music, and she would describe and model what she was thinking for poses. She can sense nerves and reminds you to breath. I managed to loosen up throughout the time I was there. I felt like an absolute rock star by the time we were finished.


The studio is gorgeous and so versatile. I really loved all the experimentation with lighting and poses all around the different surfaces and angles.


Lanett is incredible! She is so talented and deserves your trust in her. She really uplifts you. and there's not an ounce of judgment or pressure. It's a wonderful experience!


I think I was really struck by how much I loved them! It's so funny because seeing myself in those pictures is almost like looking at someone else in a magazine, but instead of thinking "Oh, I wish I had that" I'm thinking "That's me! I have that!"


Ready to see yourself in a new way?!

Metal Prints by CG Pro Prints | Review

MetalSamples w logo.jpg

Creating boudoir images is truly a special experience for my clients and myself. It is a pleasure to express my work to my clients and witness their reactions as they see themselves in a completely different light, setting, and comfort zone. However, the creative process doesn’t end at the photo shoot. The desired result is client satisfaction, and high-quality products play an enormous part in that process.

CG Pro Prints Metals offer my clients a high-end feel and sleek look, which makes a perfect addition to any home, business, or studio. Moreover, the competitive price, exceptional, prompt customer service, and premium quality guarantee certainly makes an easy choice in comparison to other competitors.

Artists have been using metal for centuries to create their masterpieces. Similarly, the medium is still used today and has been refined in modern production in the form of metal prints and has become more popular in recent years. Printing on metal is beneficial and—in many ways—better than its paper or canvas counterparts.


Benefits to Printing on Metal

Impede Color Fading

The fading process is reduced at a much slower rate than prints. As we all know from experience, text and graphics can fade at a quicker rate on paper prints, and that process is highly accelerated when left in the sunlight. Metal prints color quality can last up to 4 times as long in comparison to paper prints; however, sunlight is still an enemy when it comes to fading. Metal prints should not be left in direct sunlight—this will diminish the vibrancy in color and fading will occur.

Metal Prints are Durable

As with prints, we all know they will tear and rip easily and unless the print is covered in a frame to protect it, the photograph loses its luster quickly from wear and tear and the handling of the prints. Canvases are not immune to getting scratched or torn either. Canvases also warp over time and need to get re-scretched to maintain that taut appearance. Both print and canvas alternatives are vulnerable to water as well and are not weatherproof. Conversely, metal prints are highly durable and have a scratch-resistant surface that is waterproof and weatherproof. Metals can still get dented, however. Therefore, proper care is always necessary. Although the mentioned print options can be well maintained, metals do provide longevity that is unmatched, and the metals can last many generations without much change in appearance.

MetalSample5 w logo.jpg

Easy to Clean

Unlike the prints or canvases, you can clean the metal prints simply. Since the aluminum metal’s surface is coated, the prints are easily wiped clean with a damp or dry cloth, removing possible stains without harming the color or surface of the metal print. Water will damage paper prints and canvases, and these kinds of misfortunes are devastating to consumers who lose important photos or artwork to floods and natural disasters. Metals are waterproof and in the unlikely event that your metal print gets wet, it will not damage the color or the metal. Wipe the water promptly, and your metal print is as good as new.

CG Pro Prints Ordering Process

CG Pro Prints online ordering process is efficient, quick, and easy. Simply put, log-in, choose my size metal, upload an image, crop to preference, rotate or zoom if needed, and then click submit—it’s that straightforward. Additionally, the final price with shipping and tax is displayed before I place an order, so there is no speculating about the final price. Production time is exceptionally amazing at 3 business days! CG Pro Prints also ships to Canada, which is a huge plus for our friends to the north.

CG Pro Prints Premium Quality

Regarding the prints and the quality, the metals are printed on high definition, sublimatable aluminum sheets (0.1" thickness) with a white base, and the ink is directly transferred to the metal, which gives the photographs a refined, rich, and vibrant appearance. The photo is coated with a glossy, protective finish and is water/scratch resistant. The prints have rounded corners for protection, therefore no sharp edges. The back of every print includes a pre-installed inset white float frame or wood block with notches (depending on size) from which the picture is hung, perfect for a nail, picture hook, etc., and provides a slightly-raised, enhanced appearance when hung on a wall. The inset float frame also has a sturdy backing, so your metal won’t warp over time—something I have personally dealt with when ordering from other vendors. I am highly impressed with CG Pro Prints quality and process, and the metal prints have made a fabulous addition to my fine art product options.

CGPro Metal Backing.jpg

Feel free to head over to CG Pro Prints to give their metal prints a try. Please follow the link to earn $10 dollar off code: The Beauty & Boudoir Studio Coupon Code

Miss "K" Engagement Boudoir | Longmont, CO Boudoir Photography

This experience DEFINITELY changed the way I see myself! It's so easy to be hard on ourselves, but Lanett's work is simply beautiful and you feel beautiful while she is shooting you."


"My friend Natalie told me about how great Lanett, was and I was interested in getting pictures done. She suggested the Beauty and Boudoir Studio, so I gave it a try and loved every minute!"

"I really enjoyed the studio experience along with the guidance. I've never done a boudoir photo shoot before, so I really enjoyed trying and feeling all these different positions. Lanett has a great eye for lighting, poses, and a creative mind to try new things too, which I really liked."


"I did not have any concerns. While driving there I had some butterflies in my tummy but once I met Lanett, I felt so comfortable. Before you knew it, we were giggling like two little school girls. :)"


"My session was awesome! I really felt like Lanett and I were vibing well, which lead us to trying different poses. I enjoyed having the variety when choosing my photos. I had a blast with Lanett! I would go back and do more in a heartbeat."

"I would tell anyone interested in a boudoir session that they are going to have an awesome time with Lanett and will feel totally comfortable doing the shoot with her. I know some women might feel intimidated, but Lanett is great about encouraging to do this for your own self esteem and appreciation."


"I really enjoyed not only seeing my photos that Lanett took but the photos of every other woman as well. We as women need to continue to lift each other up and encourage each other that we are all beautiful in our own ways! Girls Unite!"

Thank you to Miss K for sharing her gorgeous images along with her story.  

Ready to embrace your own unique beauty?  Let me help..

Bella Art Albums by Marathon Press Review - 7x5


  Shipping on this album was outstanding! My Bella Art Album arrived within 4 days. The packaging was secure, which kept the album in pristine condition with no worry of mishandling during shipping. I appreciated the included care options that came with the album, which I can pass along to my clients.


My initial impression of the album was fantastic; I can tell from the packaging and the album itself that there is a great attention to detail with every shipment. I was immediately impressed with the quality and the page thickness.  These pages are handcrafted using a 1/4" thick moisture resistant, acid-free, warp-free boards and many different cover options ranging from luxurious faux leathers to woven cloths. Most importantly, the product is made to last. Bella Art Albums are created to last for 200 plus years with less than 8% color fade.

Above:  Soft Black Cover


Above:  The spine neatly hugs the back cover.  The book is durable and exceptionally made.


The color quality represented my images perfectly--some of the best I've seen.  It's available in four different paper types: Italian Pearl (page thickness of 40pt.), Linen (Page thickness of 45pt.), Watercolor (100% recycled Page thickness of 45pt.) and German Pro Photo (Page thickness of 35pt.)  

Above:  Pro Photo Matte paper

Available in many different sizes.  Prices start with 10 spreads with the option to add more spreads.  I really appreciate the price point for this kind of product; it's a bargain in comparison to other production companies.  



The most important aspect for me is presenting these products to my clients, which is paramount in the final process of photography. I feel confident knowing I can hand over such an exceptional product.  

Confident Curves | Longmont CO Boudoir Photography

My gorgeous friend and studio stylist got in front of my camera recently ...  I think you will agree she rocked her session and gorgeous curves.  Miss M agreed to share her session to inspire others to celebrate their curves as well!


"Last year I did a session with Lanett and loved it! I did the session for me and to embrace my beauty in that moment. This time around I found myself in a great year-long relationship with a gentleman, and I wanted to do these pictures for his birthday! I chose the Beauty & Boudoir Studio again because I knew Lanett would capture the romantic, sultry, enduring, playful sides of me!!! And she did just that!!!"


"It was fun and empowering! I was reminded of how beautiful I am inside and out!


"I couldn't stop looking at them, and I know my significant other will feel the same!!"

"This is the most empowering and self loving experience ever! Empowering ourselves as women is the greatest gift we can give ourselves! The Beauty & Boudoir Studio helps with this process, and I am forever grateful!"


"I definitely believe this experience changed the way I see myself! I found a new confidence and that is such a good feeling!"

I loved capturing these images for such a true beauty. Celebrating different stages in life with boudoir is one of the most empowering photo sessions you will ever experience.  

Special thanks to Miss M for trusting me to capture her boudoir experience, loving the process, and sharing her words with others.  

“Curve: The loveliest destination between two points.”                              - Mae West




Before & After | Longmont CO Boudoir Photography

At The Beauty & Boudoir Studio, we encourage professional, in-studio hair and makeup services. The process and hair/makeup products used are advantageous to the results as well as your overall experience. 

When you know how fabulous you are, that confidence exudes from your photos. That confidence makes such a drastic difference in how you see yourself as well as how you photograph. It’s not only about how you look, but more importantly how you feel about the way you look.

Confidence is truly a beautiful thing--confidence is what we all need. Confidence, self acceptance, and personality is what I bring out in the women I photograph. You are perfect now. It is my job to coach and find the model within you that I know is there.

Some of us forget what it’s like to feel beautiful and strong along the way. We get to busy with our lives, our families, and our jobs. This experience is aimed for you to have those feelings again… because you truly are perfect right now.

Want to know more?  Let's chat! 


Miss "J" | Portland OR Boudoir

Reason 345,693,291 why I love shooting boudoir! Meet Miss J...

Throughout my life I have struggled with my body image. As a teen I did a lot of modeling, so I was always hyper focused about my appearance. At age fourteen and a height of 5'11" I weighed only 135lbs, yet I distinctly remember the modeling agency telling me I was overweight and needed to cut back--this was devastating for me. Eventually I got out of the biz, but I continued to worry about my weight and being thin. I'm twenty-seven now, and have finally realized that I am beautiful and healthy at whatever weight I happen to be. It was this realization that led me to The Beauty & Boudoir Studio! I chose to do the boudoir photo shoot with Lanett to celebrate myself and my body in all its beautiful forms.

I wasn't nervous about being in my skivvies or birthday suit, but I was concerned that I would be an awkward model who made the wrong face/pose and ruined the photos! However, Lanett was incredibly good at posing me and telling me how to form my facial expressions or when to relax my face!

The photoshoot was a blast! Lanett was personable and funny. We chatted casually throughout the shoot and her excitement after snapping a particularly sexy photo was so adorable! The session felt more like taking photos with a best friend rather than with a complete stranger.

What I liked most about the experience was the boost in self-confidence I felt during and after the photo shoot. Lanett made me feel so beautiful, and I was on cloud nine even before I had the chance to see the photos! And of course Lanett has a real eye for this stuff, so the photos turned out to be absolutely stunning.

I would tell anyone thinking about doing this not to think twice about it! Working with The Beauty & Boudoir Studio is not something you will find yourself regretting. There's no risk. You may feel nervous or awkward at first, which is completely natural, but it won't be long before you're laughing and having fun with it. Whether you're a professional model or a single mom, your photos are going to turn out beautifully and the confidence boost you're left with will make you feel like you can take on any challenge!

I feel more confident, beautiful, and accepting of my curvy body. Best decision of 2017!

Miss "K" | Longmont CO Boudoir Photography

It's such an amazing feeling when clients love their images and want to share. Helping women embrace every curve and embody their sexy is why I ADORE boudoir photography! Here are a some black & white images of Miss K, which have a totally different look and feel from color. During your photo reveal session you will be able to view the classic black & white look as well as the vibrant color image samples of yourself, which you are able to choose between either form.