Miss " L " New body celebration with light & shadows | Longmont CO Beauty & Boudoir Photography


This was something I’ve always been intrigued by and never felt confident enough to try. I wanted to celebrate my body after a recent weight loss, so I decided to look into it. The Beauty & Boudoir Studio was showered with so many lovely reviews, I felt very comfortable choosing the studio.


I was SO nervous. I was concerned that I wouldn't know what to do and none of my pictures would turn out. I was worried about my facial expressions and extra skin from weight loss. I think I worried that my flaws would look like a spotlight was shone on them, but after seeing a few of the images throughout the session, I realized I could trust the artist. :)


I showed up feeling frazzled and NERVOUS. Lanett is so warm and bubbly—and complimentary. I was quickly comforted by her presence. It seems she can read what you need so well. We talked through my wardrobe and made a rough plan of attack. She put on some music, and she would describe and model what she was thinking for poses. She can sense nerves and reminds you to breath. I managed to loosen up throughout the time I was there. I felt like an absolute rock star by the time we were finished.


The studio is gorgeous and so versatile. I really loved all the experimentation with lighting and poses all around the different surfaces and angles.


Lanett is incredible! She is so talented and deserves your trust in her. She really uplifts you. and there's not an ounce of judgment or pressure. It's a wonderful experience!


I think I was really struck by how much I loved them! It's so funny because seeing myself in those pictures is almost like looking at someone else in a magazine, but instead of thinking "Oh, I wish I had that" I'm thinking "That's me! I have that!"


Ready to see yourself in a new way?!