Hello, Lovely!  I'm Lanett.

I specialize in beauty + boudoir photography for women.  

I believe that all women can celebrate their unique femininity.  Boudoir is for every one and every body.  

I'm passionate about my job and truly have the best time during sessions.  You can expect me to laugh, dance and generally be a total goofball.  

I've had the pleasure of photographing thousands of women of all different shapes and sizes and know without a doubt helping women feel beautiful is what I want to do forever.  

I love changing my hair color, pink is my favorite.  

I adore chocolate, especially with sea salt.  

I wear all black everything.  

I believe you are beautiful RIGHT NOW, exactly as you are.                                                          

Lanett is a published photographer and member of the AIBP (The Association of International Boudoir Photographers).  This is an organization of the best boudoir photographers world-wide, who strive to maintain a level of excellence and integrity in boudoir photography.