Boudoir photography is intimate and empowering and typically consists of glamour/beauty, pin-up, fashion, as well as fine art or even nude photography. The style of photography takes place in a bedroom setting and highlights a woman’s unique beauty. My mission is to photograph all these precious details that make you sexy and exceptional and give women of all ages and sizes confidence through this positive experience.


"Sexy is a celebration of romance, loveliness, softness and confidence all rolled into one. It’s knowing that it’s ok to laugh and knowing that no body is perfect. It’s being able to own and celebrate what makes you different from everyone else. We wish for each of you to find something beautiful about who you are – and celebrate that beauty!"



                                     You are beautiful RIGHT NOW, exactly as you are.                                                          

Lanett is a published photographer and member of the AIBP (The Association of International Boudoir Photographers).  This is an organization of the best boudoir photographers world-wide, who strive to maintain a level of excellence and integrity in boudoir photography.